Board Policies

Board Governance

  1. Board Power Duties
  2. Annual Organizational Meeting
  3. Procedure for Policy Adoption
  4. Code of Ethics for Board Members
  5. Board Meetings- Brown Act Compliant
  6. Board Operations
  7. Conflict of Interest
  8. Acceptance of Gifts
  9. Remuneration
  10. Public Records Request
  11. Uniform Complaint Procedures


Facilities And Operations

  1. Facilities Development
  2. Capital Expenditures



  1. Budget Development and Oversight Calendar and Responsibilities
  2. Controls, Budget and Fiscal Management
  3. Required Budget and Other Fiscal Reports
  4. Property and Liability Insurance
  5. Board Compensation
  6. Authority to Enter Into Contracts and Agreements
  7. Fundraising, Grant Solicitation and Donation Recognition



  1. Emergency Plans
  2. Injury & Illness Prevention Program